We act early because this is the single best way to forge outcomes for people and businesses

At Cogent Thinking, we’ve learnt that workforce health and wellbeing services that are good for people are also good for business.

Cogent Thinking leads the way in preventing and managing workplace injuries and illnesses with tailored solutions.

Our services are based on the latest evidence-based research in returning to safe work. This research shows that resuming work as soon as possible after a workplace injury or illness is a key part of the recovery process, and the earlier the RTW process begins, the more successful it is likely to be.

Not only is an early return to work best for the worker, it’s also best for their family, employer and the community at large. Employers who partner with Cogent Thinking experience a range of superior outcomes including a far simpler injury and claims management process, healthier workplaces, reduced absenteeism, fewer injuries and significant reductions in claims costs.

What We Do

Due to our unwavering commitment to care and service excellence, we have been selected as a partner of choice for employers managing multi-site complexities and multi-state jurisdictions, who are in need of sophisticated health expertise that covers every step of the employee experience.

This is supported by our care coordination and claims administration services where experts in rehabilitation and return to work help people and business to navigate the often complex recovery and compensation process.

With Cogent Thinking, people and business benefit from:

  • Nurses and allied health professionals with extensive experience in occupational rehabilitation and return to work
  • Australian-based, high human touch national contact centre available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • A national network of treating health professionals who understand the positive dynamic of health and work
  • A dynamic and interactive IT platform for comprehensive and secure data collection and insight
    Best practice, immediate and proactive care that reduces ill-health and enhances recovery

How We Do It


Every step in the health and wellbeing journey of your employees is tailored to suit the specific requirements of your organisation, seamlessly delivered by experts in health and recovery.


From the outset, we approach incident response and injury management with recovery at work in mind, leading to far superior outcomes for both your employees and your business.


Our dynamic and interactive platform allows for comprehensive secure data collection and sharing, real-time tracking of case services and secure transmission of documentation.

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