RTW Coordination and Consulting

Cogent is well equipped to offer injury management and return to work (RTW) services to support employers with personal and work-related return to work programs.

Cogent’s consultants are experienced in national and state legislations, and will work as an extension of your internal team to plan and achieve medically supported return to work goals in a safe and timely manner.

The RTW consultants’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic and goal-oriented case management for ongoing RTW support for pre, during and post claim injuries (physical and psychological)
  • Developing appropriate documentation to assist with the graduated RTW arrangement development and treater questionnaires, and facilitating medical practitioner case conferences and workplace meetings
  • Assistance in lodging Workcover Claims, calculating wage entitlements, liaising with an agent to determine liability and discussing the appropriateness of Independent Medical Examinations or factual investigations
  • Training, education and support for managers and supervisors, engaging them in effective return to work planning to ensure their obligations are met under the RTW Act
  • Engaging all stakeholders in the RTW process (Treaters, Agent, Manager, Supervisor, Injured Worker and other internal OH&S/RTW Coordinators)
  • Referring to and managing Occupational Rehabilitation Providers (ORP) where appropriate
  • Facilitating regular claims reviews with the Agent and appropriate key parties to ensure all claims have a clear and appropriate action plan so as to enable employees to attain their RTW Goal
  • Workcover claims and insurance premium analysis, identifying claims risks and financial implications, mitigating claims impact.
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