The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented a significant and evolving challenge to the health of all Australians.


Most businesses have had to take practical actions to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections in the workplace, or manage employees with suspected or confirmed cases of the virus.

As a leading provider of workplace health and wellbeing services, Cogent Thinking has extensive experience in preventing and managing workplace illnesses.

We offer fast-tracked services designed to support businesses in the prevention and management of worksite infections such as coronavirus (COVID-19), and to help employers comply with safety guidelines.

In line with the rapidly evolving nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, our services are flexible, scalable and use the most up to date techniques and methods for controlling COVID-19. Our service is coordinated through our dedicated 24/7 care coordination team and delivered via our extensive national nurse network.

Our services

    • Covid-19 hotline, available 24/7, gives your workforce access to a dedicated hotline for expert medical advice and guidance regarding suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus. Staffed by experienced nurses and allied health professionals, we follow best practice protocols for triaging suspected Covid-19 cases.
    • Onsite COVID-19 workforce screening
    • Rapid Antigen Testing and Supply
    • Exemption Review Services including support with development of an exemption protocol, access to a dedicated Nurse or GP to review requests for medical exemption against the agreed protocol (desktop reviews), and access to a dedicated Covid-19 vaccine exemption hotline.

We offer workforce screening as an onsite service for employers that want to minimise the risk of infection and protect the long-term health and wellbeing of their employees. Our highly trained and experienced nurses will visit your workplace to conduct a range of screening measures, including rapid antigen testing, temperature checks and scanning for the signs and symptoms of coronavirus or flu.

Our medical teams will also offer health and hygiene advice to educate employers and employees on how to prevent infection in the workplace using measures such as face masks, physical distancing, cleaning and disinfection and density quotients.

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