On: April 28, 2022

MELBOURNE – Cogent Thinking (Cogent) as part of MedHealth has made the ‘Best Places to Work’ list for 2022 as awarded by Inventium and The Australian Financial Review.

The prestigious annual list, published by The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine, is based on a rigorous assessment process managed by Australia’s leading behavioural science consultancy, Inventium.

CEO of MedHealth, Tim Morphy said the company was honoured to rank #2 on the Healthcare list, from over 750 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

“We were thrilled to be recognised for our commitment to diversity and inclusion and our focus on wellbeing. If we have learnt anything through the last couple of years, it’s the value of human connection and the boost you can get from being with wonderful people.

“At MedHealth, we have that in spades. Our people, and the welcoming culture they have helped build, are why people love working with us,” he said.

Having a diverse mix of people in any business helps foster a culture of understanding, empathy and ultimately creates a better business.

“Research shows problem solving is more effective with a diverse group of people,” Tim Morphy, CEO, MedHealth, says. “A strong flourishing business needs a wide variety of ideas and skills and perspectives. Our community is diverse, the people we support are from all walks of life, our customers are diverse – we’d be foolish not to encourage that same diversity across our business.

“And – I really mean this – it’s just more fun to come to work; to work alongside people with different points of view and experiences.”

One of the very real opportunities that MedHealth can offer people is the ability to be part of a family of businesses, Morphy said.

“We operate a broad range of businesses – from health technology to employment services, to NDIS disability support, to workplace rehabilitation and more. The sheer diversity of these 21 businesses offers a very broad scope for career development.

“What unifies all the businesses though, is that they are all centred around our purpose – which is to improve health and work outcomes for populations of people, while never losing sight of what each individual needs in terms of support.

“People join us because they believe in supporting clients to better health, or into a job. They join us because they are passionate about our purpose and they like creating impact in someone’s life.”

The assessment was made up of a staff survey and a written submission, with questions relating to policies, practices and programs that exist within our organisation to support and empower our employees. The methodology is underpinned by Inventium’s Workplaces of the Future framework, which identifies ten key factors that are critical to employees feeling motivated and engaged at work and is supported by extensive research.

Morphy added, “While it is thrilling to be recognised in such a prestigious list, this is not ‘job done’ by any means. We are all about continually improving, getting better, being more open, listening and learning. That’s how you create a strong culture, and a place people want to work. Not by saying you have it all sorted out – rather by genuinely striving to always get better.”


The AFR BOSS Best Places to Work list recognises and ranks the best places to work in Australia and New Zealand, by industry, and is the premier list of its kind. The list is judged and compiled by Inventium – Australia’s leading behavioural science consultancy, using a unique research-based methodology. In 2022, the list comprised of ten industry lists, compiled from over 750 nominations. www.afrbestplacestowork.com


Inventium is Australia’s leading behavioural science and innovation consultancy. Since 2007, Inventium has helped hundreds of thousands of people become more innovative and more productive at work. Inventium applies the latest findings from science (psychology, behavioural science and neuroscience) to help organisations unlock growth through innovation and to create brilliant workplaces that get the very best out of their people. Inventium is the official methodology partner of the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work List and the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list. Inventium is also a proud BCorporation. www.inventium.com.au


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